Your Marketing Manager

your marketing manager

Unimplemented promotion ideas aren't even worth the file they are saved in. Do you have great ideas but no time to implement? How about time to implement, but no great ideas? Want to set up systems and processes, but not sure how? Create your very own Marketing Department with The Art of Marketing at the helm. (It's okay, we won't tell anyone.)

Wendy Marlow loves seeing ideas brought to life and calm created from chaos. She has been creating, planning and implementing strategies and tactics for clients since 1999. Here are some of the things your new Marketing Manager will do for you:

Connect the dots:

  • Develop vision statements, mission statements and core values (your guiding principles for business)
  • Build brand equity (how you want people to feel when they see/hear your company name)
  • Create catchy, meaningful, and memorable taglines and elevator speeches
  • Develop your unique selling proposition/differentiation, value proposition, and key marketing messages
  • Creatively integrate this critical information into marketing materials (such as business cards, brochures, websites, presentations, tradeshows, etc.)

Writing & Editing:

  • Incorporate your unique selling proposition, differentiation and/or key marketing messages into tactics such as blogs, articles, websites, sales letters, scripts, media kits, community kits, news releases, etc.

Project Implementation:

  • Create and launch one-off projects: surveys, tradeshows, presentations, etc.
  • Identify, optimize, and leverage underutilized marketing strengths/assets owned by your small business
  • Liaise with product or service providers on your behalf (graphic designers, printers, web developers) to get the job done.


  • For just about everything, from awards and recognition, making your business run smoother, generating new/more revenue to handling difficult people. 


  • Review/refresh title tags, descriptions, keywords
  • Create and add fresh new content
  • Increase readership
  • Review Google Analytics and make suggestions for improvement

Systems & Processes:

  • Develop for anything your business handles more than once, i.e., new clients, customer service, complaints, reviews, measurement tools, risk assessment

Social Media:

  • Review channel performance and offer suggestions.

Your Marketing Manager (extra pair of hands) is available and on call/email in business building blocks* of time:

  • 4 hours per month -   $480   (plus hst)
  • 8 hours per month -   $912   (plus hst)
  • 12 hours per month - $1,296 (plus hst)

*Business building blocks of time are payable in advance and can be carried to the next month for larger projects. Contact Wendy for details.

On the button for:  small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed sales professionals in finance, insurance, and real estate industries.

Benefits of Your Marketing Manager:

  • saves you time (you don't have to do it yourself)
  • saves you money (no need to hire and manage a full-time person) 
  • regularity and consistency of marketing messages and tactics
  • problem solving solutions that make sense and don't cost a gazillion dollars
  • highly creative, caring, and easy to work with (really... that's what they say)

Your Marketing Manager, Wendy Marlow, is ready to help you market better, sell better, and get better results today. Let's talk