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Testimonials, Evaluations & Feedback
Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Toronto Chapter
Topic: How to Overcome Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Bootcamp Evaluation and Feedback

100% Strongly Agree "Instructor was knowledgeable about topic"
100% Strongly Agree "Instructor presentation style was effective"
100% Strongly Agree "Instructor involved participants in learning activities"
100% Strongly Agree "Training format was effective"
100% Strongly Agree "I can use the information in my work"

Kind comments:

  • Speaker was awesome - excellent information - reengergize my marketing strategy
  • Wendy is great - very relevant!
  • She was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient
  • Absolute great presenter and presentation. Impressive. Extremely knowledgeable . Wonderful!
International Women's Day - Keynote Presentation (North Bay)
Topic: How to Overcome Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound - North Bay Office

100% Agree or Strongly Agree that the event provided useful information and/or networking opportunities for my business.

100% Agree or Strongly Agree that the presenter was knowledgeable about the topic.

Oh so generous comments:

  • I really enjoyed the speaker's personal stories linked to the topic of discussion as it kept talk more interesting and not so "businessy".
  • Made me really think about "what makes me different".
  • A wonderful marketing venue. Presenter's knowledge was exceptional.
  • Valuable and timely. Thank you!
  • I sincerely appreciate all the valuable information that this seminar provided.
  • Loved Wendy, the topic, the stories (all relevant), the questions, the integrity, the venue. Thanks!
  • It was an amazing presentation, needed for the business community and I look forward to the next one next year. Thank you.
  • Very positive and encouraging.
  • I attend many marketing seminars yet got more out of these 3 hours than have from many much more lengthy courses and sessions.
  • Very informative – very good speaker. Easy to listen to – well prepared.
  • The overall event was great provided a lot of info to successfully better a business and positive feedback from participants and marry examples which is important to understand what you may be doing wrong and how to correct it. Overall great seminar.
  • Wendy was EXCELLENT! I now have concrete ideas to put into place as soon as I get back to the office!! THANK YOU!!
  • Wendy is a great speaker. Very knowledgeable and informative. Great session!
  • Very interesting, we are able to use many ideas from this event. Thank you.
  • All the information, I feel, I can use on a day to day basis. Thank you!
  • Wendy was great – engaging – session wasn't in any way dry.
  • Enjoyed your sense of humor. Audience participation and interaction with you was great. Very helpful and informative – practical, solid information.
International Women's Day - Keynote Presentation (Parry Sound)
Topic: How to Overcome Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound - Parry Sound

79% of audience identified themselves as small business owners, in business for <1 to 10+ years.

89.3% Agree or Strongly Agree - the event provided useful information and/or networking opportunities for my business.

100% agree or strongly agree - the presenter was knowledgeable about the topic.

Flattering feedback:

  • Very valuable way to spend my time, very appropriate speaker for the audience, small biz focus, personable.
  • Wendy was fantastic!
  • I must admit that 'The Art of Marketing' is a great title and it intrigued me. Very informative.
  • She was terrific! Great presentation style. So glad I found out about this. 
  • Great event - great content - great care / accommodation/food - excellent speaker. thanks for inviting me.
Burlington Chamber of Commerce
Topic: Marketing Survival Guide – Making the Most of Tough Economic Times

Participant Rating/Feedback

87% rated speaker Wendy Marlow "5" – Excellent
13% rated speaker Wendy Marlow "4" – Very Good
60% rated the usefulness "5" – Excellent
40% rated the usefulness "4" – Very Good

Halton Region Business Development Centre
Topic: Business Essentials Series - Marketing Mastery

Participant Feedback

75% rated seminar content "Excellent"
25% rated seminar content "Good"
88% rated presenter Wendy Marlow "Excellent"
12% rated presenter Wendy Marlow "Good"

Kind comments: "very enthusiastic, amazing energy and delivery"

"Wendy, thank you for your wonderful presentation on May 7th. Our networking group thoroughly enjoyed your message of marketing in tough times. I especially enjoyed the interactive nature of your presentation. Your humour was a delightful touch and complemented the way that you present. We all went away from the meeting feeling that we can market ourselves more effectively! Thank you for being for delightfully down to earth."
Deb Schreiber, Burlington Breakfast Club

Minto Chamber of Commerce
Topic: Successful Selling in 3 Steps

Participant Feedback

92% rated 'amount and level of information was appropriate' – "Excellent"
8% rated 'amount and level of information was appropriate' – "Good"
84% rated 'I will be able to apply ideas I learned' – "Excellent"
16% rated 'I will be able to apply ideas I learned' – "Good"
100% rated 'presenter was able to communicate ideas clearly' – "Excellent"
100% rated 'presentation accomplished its stated objectives' – "Excellent"

Kind comments related to: 'what I liked best':

  • Questions answered that got asked – brought down to our level of understanding.
  • Participants got to work together and apply the principles so they actually will take away something they can use.
  • Working on my elevator speech – it was challenging to come up with a short message – but I did it!
  • Doing the practical work – so making the ideas come to life.
  • New ideas that can be used in workplace.
  • Great ideas I received to improve sales
  • Presentation of information with interaction from those present
  • The interaction
  • Taking the time to actually create our own examples
The Women's Centre - New Start Program
Topic: Writing a Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Selling Skills

After working together for three years, I wanted to take the time to let you know how much The Women's Center and I appreciate the incredible work you do for us.

it is hard to believe that this year will be the fourth edition of the New Start Program for Entrepreneurial Women. Your three-day workshop on marketing is always a highlight of the program. You have demonstrated an innate ability to connect to the group of women ready to learn from the best and your delivery of the material is clear, complete and fun. There are so many marketing instructors who tells students what to do in a lecture-like style. You always offer so much knowledge and with an experiential component that supports the efforts of these women starting their own business. The feedback from the various groups each year has always reconfirm my belief that I was hiring one of the best marketing experts.

I myself have had the opportunity to work closely with you on my own business, RISE International. Our meetings and your guidance were instrumental in bringing clarity to my business. I look forward to working with you again this year with the New Start program and for many years to come.

Elizabeth Skronski
New Start Program Co-ordinator
The Women's Centre

RISE International

Flamborough Chamber of Commerce
Topic: Marketing Your Business

Thank you SO much. I think you are one of the best presenters I have seen. The first thing I noticed is that you arrived with your own screen and projector. You would be surprised at the number of speakers who do not have their own equipment. I also noticed that you inserted the Flamborough Chamber logo into the lead page, a simple thing - but pleasing to the host. Your slides were also interesting because of the use of animation.

Jan Collis
Flamborough Chamber of Commerce

Grand & Toy
Topic: High Performance Selling

Thank you for your presentation this morning. Your presentation was one of, if not the best and most enjoyable, but I have been to. I usually ENDURE sessions similar to this, but have to say this was very enjoyable. Thanks for a job well done.

David Buzikievich
Sales Representative
Grand & Toy

Seminar: The Truth About Sales & Cold Calling!

I just wanted to say thank you for the informative seminar on Sales and (no!) Cold Calls last night. The most important thing that I took away from the evening is that I really need to find my focus and goals of where I want my business to go. I can see that up to this point I have been operating blindly, not to any sort of plan. I know my product with passion, but I don't know how to sell it. I had just, the day before, arranged to run an ad in an animal related magazine. But after listening to you, I think I should stop and think before proceeding. Therefore, I will take the money I would've spent on that ad and put it towards finding marketing strategies that may be more beneficial to that end. Thanks again!

Caroline Bennett
Muddy Mutts

The BAD Women's Network
Topic: The Marketing Express

On behalf of all the BAD Women (and Joe) that attended last night's meeting, thank you very much indeed for great presentation. It was a very neat and concise presentation timed just right, not too wordy, not too complicated. We liked that it was direct with points that hit home. Your great hand-out means a quick review is possible just by scanning down the sheet. All told, your presentation fit the bill in every way. We often know the things we should be doing to promote our business, but as you said procrastinate about getting down to the nitty-gritty. Thank you for letting us ride on the marketing express.

Janet Klein
The BAD Women's Network