Strategic Marketing Program

Strategic Marketing Program

What are your small business goals? Do you want to generate better sales leads, find more good customers, increase revenue and profits, improve productivity, improve your sales closing ratio, enhance self-esteem and confidence, or achieve better work/life balance? Keep reading.

The Art of Marketing's Strategic Marketing Program combines the benefits of consulting, coaching, mentoring and training in a 90 day program featuring focus, direction, results and the tools and accountability you want and need. All in 90 days.

Strategic Marketing Program features:

  • 1 hour Skype consultation designed to cut through the clutter and identify your short term and long term goals.
  • coaching to create a plan, written by you, that matches intentions to strategies and tactics with appropriate coaching and encouragement
  • development of skills, tools and resources
  • implementation, measurement and fine tuning
  • weekly Skype or phone updates with your coach

All that for: $2,880 - 12 sessions (plus hst)

On the button for: small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed sales professionals in finance, insurance, and real estate industries.

What's In It For You:

  • focus: pin point strengths, marketing assets, areas of concern, barriers to success
  • clarity: a clear picture of your intended outcome in exactly 90 days
  • direction: step by step methodology to achieve your goals in 90 days
  • plan: documenting intentions for the next 90 days related to sales, marketing and business building goals
  • expertise: work with an award winning and highly respected Marketing & Sales Specialist who cares about your business too!
  • accountability: following through on the commitments you make 
  • time/resource management: with the added benefit of leadership
  • overcome: procrastination, fear and resistance
  • process: develop marketing systems and processes

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