Promotion Ideas

business promotion ideas

Creating awareness. Building a brand. Communicating a message. Growing your business. Those are just a few of the reasons small business owners turn to The Art of Marketing for smart promotion ideas.

STOP doing what everyone else is doing. Small business owners need to stand out in a crowd, not blend in. STOP spending money. Just because you've always placed a full page ad in a newspaper or directory doesn't mean you're committed to it for life! Maybe there's a better way? There is!

Developing affordable promotion ideas that engage and motivate is what The Art of Marketing does best! Once the collaborative brainstorming process is complete, and measurement tools put in place, clients are able to implement the ideas on their own – or leave it to Wendy.

All that for: $480 (plus hst) - 2 sessions 

On the button for: small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed sales professionals in finance, insurance, and real estate industries

What's In It For You:

  • develop clarity related to your brand
  • learn how to promote your small business without spending ridiculous amounts of money
  • connect the dots between goals, target, differentiation and message
  • develop measurement tools for campaigns
  • confidently decide whether it's worth repeating

The Art of Marketing... proudly providing something for everyone. Let's get started today!