Sales Coaching

Are you a terrified or a terrific salesperson? Pity the people who experience terror when selling. If only they knew... there is a way to develop confidence and get results with consultative sales coach, Wendy Marlow, Certified Sales Professional. It begins with a non-judgemental sales gap analysis and ends with confidence, clarity and results!

Consultative Sales Coaching Can Help You:

  • generate better quality leads
  • network with confidence
  • secure first time appointments
  • present yourself and your company in the best light
  • demonstrate your skills as a consultative salesperson
  • negotiate with a win/win attitude
  • effectively follow up
  • close the deal
  • deliver memorable customer service
  • keep good customers forever

Whether you are new to business and face to face selling or an advanced or seasoned sales pro, Wendy will work with you to figure out where you need the most help and then coach you to glorious results.

Why "Consultative Sales" Coaching?

There are many different models for selling. Only consultative selling focuses on building relationships (the fundamental characteristic of leadership), understanding your prospect's needs, and matching your products and services to their needs. It's because of this that consultative selling is preferred by both customer and vendor alike. People want to work with vendors who willingly take the time to determine the customer's needs and then find ways to satisfy those needs.

All that for: $1440 (plus hst) - 6 sessions

On the button for: small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed sales professionals in finance, insurance, and real estate industries

Benefits of Sales Coaching:

  • improves productivity
  • improves closing rates
  • improves confidence
  • makes the sales process comfortable and enjoyable for everyone

Power up your sales. Take The "How Comfortable Are You With Selling" Quiz. Read the principles and standards that a Certified Sales Professional adheres to with customers, organizations, competitors, communities and colleagues in CPSA Code of Ethics. Then talk to Wendy today!