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Looking for free information, inspiration, and motivation? Need another reason to choose Wendy Marlow and The Art of Marketing? Enjoy these marketing and sales related hints, tips and timely advice written by the Maestro of Focus & Direction herself. If you are not already a member, subscribe to Marketing Moment for insights into the fascinating world of marketing and sales. Remember to check out helpful Handbooks (dirt cheap) on a variety of marketing and sales topics so you too will “have a great marketing day”!


8 Ways to Make Sure Your Business or Product Idea Takes Off!

Entrepreneurs have always hated the "R" word. Research. They hate it even more today, because multi-tasking is the norm and deep thinking is the exception. If you really want to make sure your next business or product idea is successful, set aside 600 seconds - that's all it takes - to discover how you can explore your idea before you invest and potentially lose thousands of dollars.



The Shocking Truth Behind Successful Brands

You own a company. Congratulations. As owner, you have the opportunity to make decisions on how your business operates and how profitable it will be this year and every year thereafter. Learn the 4 foundational factors hiding behind every successful business.



Getting Down 'n Dirty With Your Price

Your pricing model is intertwined with your business plan and marketing strategy. It must reflect the markets and clients you serve, the position you want to claim in the marketplace, take into account competitive pricing, and desired profit. And it's all taking place behind the scenes.



An Easy Formula for Improving Profitability & Productivity

The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. With that in mind, here is the formula to uncover the 20% of clients that generate 80% of revenue, and therefore: How You Can Be More Profitable & Productive.



The Four-Letter Word That Strikes Fear in The Heart of Business Owners

PLAN. Most business owners don't. We've become a society of doers not thinkers with the attention span of gnats (no offence to gnats). More businesses operate at a tactical rather than a strategic level; responding reactively versus proactively. Why? Truth is, it's easier and takes less time. On the downside, it costs more in terms of profitability, productivity and performance.



The "How Comfortable Are You With Selling" Quiz

Ever wondered how you're really doing with face-to-face selling? Maybe you hate the thought of pitching your stuff. Or maybe your results aren't up to par and you're wondering why. Here's an easy quiz that will help you narrow down your strengths and weaknesses faster than you can say "really? no kidding, that's my problem?" p.s. don't beat yourself up... 80% of people out there selling aren't good at it.



14 Secrets and Sins of Marketing

One of the popular questions I’m often asked during speaking presentations and teaching events is, “how should I be marketing my business?”, and “how shouldn’t I be marketing my business?” Here’s my answer... cleverly detailed as the good, the bad, and the ugly of small business marketing.



The Straight Truth About Surviving and Thriving as a Small Business

When businesses start, they focus on their customers and delivering exceptional value.  Over time, organizations lose that focus and develop a condition known as “collective amnesia”.  In other words, they begin to care more about themselves than the people who are actually paying the bills.



The Top 7 Marketing Myths – Exposed!

“If I advertise they will come.” costs far less to keep a customer than to get a new one. Besides - happy customers refer others.