Copywriting & Editing

copy writing editing for samll business

Today's reader has the attention span of a gnat! Content must be lively, smart and meaningful. Wow your audience with content that inspires, engages, and motivates them to take action! You know it when you see it - exceptional copywriting and editing seems effortless. It's not. Look closer and you will find insight, intention, and strategy. Three things every smart marketer needs.

Strategic Copywriting:

Strategic copywriting is writing for a purpose, and that is to achieve a specific goal. We're experts at strategic copywriting, story-telling and weaving strategic and concise marketing messages through your promotion materials. We're talking about content that positively influences someone to take action - whether it's to contact you, click, come by, or think differently. Examples of copywriting and content writing with strategic intention include:

  • websites, blogs, social media channels
  • title tags, descriptions, keywords
  • brochures, articles, newsletters, sales letters, reports, news releases
  • infomercials, speeches (elevator and otherwise)
  • standardized company information for directory and membership listings

Strategic Editing:

There are 4 types of editors:  A copyeditor fixes a misstated fact, corrects a typo, and checks your grammar. A line editor rearranges paragraphs and helps you present a concept clearly. An editor collaborates with you and isn't afraid to politely tell you when chapters are in the wrong order, when you have too much content, or when you should move on to something else. A strategic editor helps you fix your plan, i.e. see that a conversation would have been better than a presentation in the first place.

All that for:  Send a sample. You'll receive an estimate quick like a bunny!

On the button for:  small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed sales professionals in finance, insurance, and real estate industries.

Benefits of Strategic Copywriting and Editing:

  • establishes and reinforces your brand with clear marketing messages
  • achieves specific and strategic goals in creative and motivating ways
  • saves you time
  • gets the job done quickly and completely

Learn more about strategic content with purpose and how you can get yours today!