How to be More Productive With Less Time

efficiency thermometerA Five Hour Workday?

Ever notice how productive you are before going on vacation? Suddenly you become an efficiency expert admired by every time management consultant on the planet! Magically, all the things that needed to be done for months suddenly get done, decisions made and instructions given. Why is that? I think it’s because we’re confronted with a deadline and decide to stop procrastinating so we can get away guilt free!

What would happen if we could apply that focused “week before vacation” energy to our daily routine and quit every work day at noon? When I read Stephan Aarstol’s article this morning, “What Happened When I Moved My Company to a 5-hour Workday” it made me wonder if his strategy and ground rules could also be applied to small business owners thinking about rewiring to make more time for themselves without reducing their income. It’s a fascinating concept with a huge reward. Kind of like semi-retirement, but with a paycheque! If a “holistic beach-lifestyle company” manufacturing paddle boards can do it, why can’t we? Think you could do it?

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