Student Ecopreneurs Making a Difference!

iR3 Logo They did it! The ambitious Ecopreneurs in Miss Bailey’s Grade 7 class at Brant Hill Public School took on the 2 metric ton challenge and won! For math aficionados, that’s 2,071 kilos or 4,566 pounds. That’s a ton of diverted landfill, actually it’s 2 tons plus!

How did we arrive at a 2 ton goal?

We broke the goal down into manageable chunks, and figured out how many “systems” (keyboards, towers, monitors, etc.) we would need to achieve our goal. While the Graphic Design, Marketing, and Operations Departments handled their responsibilities, the Accounting Department did the weight estimating and came up with 2.071 tons. The actual weight collected was 2.041 tons. That’s pretty impressive because of the weight fluctuations between older and newer electronics. Tons/kilos don’t mean as much to me as pounds. The weight difference between actual vs forecast works out to be a mere 66 pounds – or 1.4% . Exceptional forecasting!

How did they promote their business?

No surprise… word of mouth! They did it with daily announcements, fliers in the neighbourhood, extra promotion at the Spring Fair, staffing the (huge) recycling bin, and generating lots of buzz to get everyone talking and pitching in for a good cause.

Part One of their reward is collaborating to come up with ideas as to what the school might do with the funds they raised. We won’t know the actual amount until September.

Part Two of their reward is “Lunch courtesy of Wendy” … their incentive for accomplishing their goal.

bin on last day I stopped by on the last day, Thursday May 19th and snapped this photo. The bin was a sight to behold. The students staffed the bin every day after school so they could load and track what was donated.

While they didn’t recognize a lot of the equipment being donated, it was quite nostalgic for us older folks.


What’s the Takeaway for Small Business Owners?

  1. Do your research before setting your goal
  2. Don’t be afraid to “stretch” a little
  3. Offer an incentive for achieving the goal
  4. Keep track of performance vs goal
  5. Work like crazy
  6. Celebrate your success

Rock on Ecopreneurs!

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